Pamela is trained by the award winning creator and pioneer of facial reflexology, Ziggie Bergman of Facial Reflexology Bergman Method. This is a deeply relaxing and restorative treatment that provides a number of health benefits as well as leaving your skin with a healthy glow and your face feeling rejuvenated.

As a reflexologist Pamela practices Facial Reflexology adopting the principle that reflex points on the face correspond to every part of your body.  By working through a full sequence this holistic treatment  affects the whole body while promoting the body's own natural healing mechanisms.  The treatment will also release tension in face muscles that in turn have a positive impact on the body mind connection.

Facial Reflexology

During the treatment gentle pressure is applied to the key points of your face in a sequence which is deeply relaxing and restorative.  The treatment will help to alleviate pain, stress and anxiety.

Facial reflexology also helps with -



Hay fever

Bells Palsy

Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)