Holistic Self Care

What is selfcare?

Self care is something you do for yourself that promotes your own wellbeing and happiness. It helps sustain your health, emotional and physical wellbeing, builds resilience and brings balance into your life.

It is a natural and healthy way to care for and look after your own wellbeing.

It plays an important part in your overall holistic health.

It’s something that can improve the quality of your daily life as well as giving you strength and resilience to get through the tough times.


Do we give ourselves enough selfcare? Possibly not.  We can think it is selfish and indulgent.  We can think our lives are too busy to justify it.  We can think that there are more important things to be getting on with.

Why is selfcare important?

It can build your own resilience to face the rough and tumble of your own life allowing you to bounce back more easily from adversity. It helps you to live you’re fullest life.

If you have responsibility for looking after or being part of someone else’s life, selfcare can actually strengthen your ability to care for those around you without it taking an undue toll on yourself.

Selfcare keeps you healthy both physically and emotionally.


Time for selfcare

It can seem that with such busy lives where we are screaming forward from one deadline to the next or chasing that ‘to do’ list, that there is no time to put aside for your own selfcare.

We can say to ourselves ‘If I just spend the next 20 minutes doing this, rather than taking a 20 minute break I’ll get ahead of myself’.

However, taking time out for selfcare can actually make you more productive and prevent ill health.


There are no set activities that count as selfcare.  Selfcare is doing something that works for you and which you enjoy.

Some suggestions might be:

  • taking time to soak in a bath
  • doing something you find absorbing and relaxing
  • spending time with good and trusted friends
  • going for a walk in the fresh air or nature.
  • getting more sleep
  • switching off digital devices for a short time
  • choosing to do something that you know boosts your mood
  • eating nutritious food



Reflexology as Selfcare

Reflexology is a great, naturally holistic way to provide yourself with selfcare that your whole mind and body will benefit from.  Not only is it a dedicated time when you place yourself at the centre of the activity, it also has benefits that can be felt beyond the treatment.

As your therapist I will also suggest some simple reflexology selfcare techniques you can use for yourself to enhance the benefits of your treatment or to support any health conditions you may have.

Virtual Online Reflexology can be great way to set aside a relaxing and therapeutic time for yourself within a busy schedule. There’s also no need for travel time – bonus!


Selfcare on the Go

Sometimes, however well-intentioned you are and however much you understand the importance of selfcare, it can be impossible to set aside that special time for yourself.  I know, I’ve been there too!

This is where I like to turn to Selfcare-on-the-Go.

This is a way I suggest to find little moments to observe short bursts of care and consideration for yourself within your daily routine.

Some of my suggestions are –

  • Take a few seconds longer while washing your face in the morning to lightly massage your face while noticing the warmth of the water or the scent of the soap.
  • Pause for a moment when you make your morning coffee to breathe a few slow deep breaths.
  • Take a moment to notice the transition space between each activity or task you undertake – the school drop off – the shift into the work-from-home space – the commute to work – waiting on a bus.

Something as simple as acknowledging that you have completed one element of your day and that you are about to move on to the next part can be enough to mark these daily tasks.  It can prevent you feeling that you have only managed to hurtle through your day dodging from one thing to the next.  So….

  • Pause for a moment before you eat your meal.
  • Switch off or set your phone aside while you turn your time to another activity.
  • Eat healthy and nourishing food.
  • Pay yourself a compliment.
  • Congratulate yourself for doing something.
  • Sit for a short time to clear and process your thoughts before your head hits the pillow at the end of the day.


The list could be long.  I am sure there are many ways, specific to you, that could help you fill your own cup as you go through each day.  Give them a try.

And remember to consider reflexology as a great selfcare choice too!


Setting time aside for your own selfcare will reward you.         

                          You’re worth it.         

            Give it a go and feel the benefit.


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